The Many Benefits of Hiring
a Professional Property Management Company

   There are so many things to think about when renting out your home. How am I going to advertise my home for rent? How am I going to show my home? How am I going to qualify the tenants? What notices am I legally required to give my tenants? How will I arrange for repairs? Who will handle emergency repair calls? What if my tenant stops paying rent?

As a professional property management company, J.D. Rankin and Associates is your answer to these questions and more. At J.D. Rankin and Associates we:


  • Market your home on the internet, in print ads, on flyers, on the MLS, through 800 numbers, and to our huge database of pre-qualified tenants.

  • Show your property to prospective, pre-qualified, tenants.

  • Screen applicants for credit, income, employment verification, and criminal

  • Prepare lease agreement and provide legally required notices.

  • Collect and hold security deposits in our trust account.

  • Conduct move-in/move-out inspections.

  • Collect rent and distribute to owner.

  • Distribute legal notices such as 3-day and rules violation notices.

  • Hire and supervise maintenance people and contractors.

  • And, when your tenant does eventually decide to leave, we can start the wholeprocess over again for you.

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